Recordings of Every Witch Way Season 2

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A few weeks ago began recording the second season of the Magic USA & Nickelodeon Latam "Every Witch Way" which the first season is very soon to be released worldwide.

Paola, Nick, Danielle, Tyler, Denise, Melissa, Paris and the entire cast of the show have been posting photos of the recordings of the new season ..

Every Witch Way Cast at the Kids' Choice Awards 2014

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A series of Nickelodeon Magica was present at the Kids' Choice Awards 2014 held this Sabdo March 29, where Paola Andino, Nick Merico, Paris Smith, Daniela Nieves Alvarez Tyler, Kendall Sanders, Mavrick Moreno, Autumn Wendel, Denisea Wilson, Jason Drucker, Zoey and Melissa Burger Carcachedesfilaron the red carpet this fun award. 
The boys were taking photos of Cast within the event and competed in social networks and here in you let the photos they took:

NickStars on the red carpet of the Kids' Choice Awards 2014

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The Kids' Choice Awards 2014 were full of surprises but Slime and Slime and especially in this ceremony could not miss the NickStars Paola Andino as Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Carlos Pena, James Maslow and more. 
Czech and excelled in the red carpet.

Every Witch Way: Begins The Planning Of Season 2

Exclusive a few days we will inform you here on the big news of the second season ago Every Witch Way. Now we inform you that the planning of the new season and is in the process.

Unfortunately Mavrick Moreno "Mac Davis" confirmed on his Twitter account that not Participate in the Second Season of EWW "R.I.P. Mac Davis"

Next Actors, and confirmed their participation in EWW 2:

  • Paola Andino "Emma Alonso"
  • Nick Merico "Daniel Miller"
  • Paris Smith Madison "Maddie Van Pelt"
  • Daniela Nieves "Andi Cruz"
  • Tyler Alvarez "Diego Rueda"
  • Kendall Sanders "Tony Myers"
  • Autumn Wendel "Sophie Johnson"
  • Denisea Wilson "Katie Rice"
  • Zoey Burger "Gigi Rueda"
  • Jason Drucker "Tommy Miller"
  • Jackie Frazer "Melanie Miller
  • Louis Tomeo "Robby Miller"
  • Katie Barberi "Ursula Van Pelt"
  • Rene Lavan "Francisco Alonso"
  • Melissa Carcache "Lily"
  • Every Witch Way 2 You will have 65 Episodes

    As I had said, @ Gioo456 reveal you an incredible news and exclusive # EveryWitchWay inform you that the popular Nickelodeon USA & LA "Every Witch Way" will have 65 chapters confirming the second season of the series which is inspired in # Grachi: A Wonderfully Magical history.

    According to official site reports MTV International Media Networks, Every Witch Way records that will have 65 chapters of 30 minutes in the same way that the first season will be broadcast on Nickelodeon USA in the month of January 2014.

    Credits: Nick News.

    Paris Smith "Maddie Van Pelt" Discusses Every Witch Way

    Paris Smith opens to Just Jared Jr. on his show Every Witch Way in this new interview!
    The young actress plays Maddie Van Pelt, a poor girl who is a witch , and turns out to be the most popular girl in school .

    If you do not know , the show tells the story of a teenage girl named Emma ( Paola Andino ) who just moved to a new city , she begins to grow and fall in love at the same time realizes that she is a witch.

    It is one of our favorite shows ! Be sure to see Paris in Every Witch Way on Nickelodeon, and read the interview below!

    JustJaredJr : What attracted you to the role of Maddie ? Is it fun to play the bad girl ?

    Paris Smith : I was drawn to the role of Maddie because she is a fashionista. We both love to shop and hang out with our friends. Yes, it is fun to do bad girl because I'm very different in real life.

    JJJ: If you could have a special power , what would it be and why?

    PS : If I had a special power , I'd be invisible. Then I would realize all that Daniel and Emma did !

    JJJ: When did you start acting and what made ​​you want to be an actress?

    PS : I started acting when I was 7 years old . I really wanted to act since I was 4 years old. I wanted to act because I love doing it and I realized at a very young age I could make people laugh

    Every Witch Way: Battle Finale "The Chosen One"

    Look Video "Battle Finale" "The Chose One" Final Episode a Continuacion... BY EVERY WITCH WAY .COM.AR